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The Solar Overhaul Program

Many people believe that their solar installation was installed properly because it was inspected local authorities. In fact, at the time of many solar installations, there were no code books or regulations in which to audit the installation. Suddenly your electric bill is starting to rise yet again and you don’t understand why. Luckily, our staff of electricians and engineers have been trained to audit solar installations and determine possible points of failure in order to get your solar array running at 100% once again.

We start by conducting a full 14-point system checkup to determine if the system was installed properly and if parts have begun to break down over the years. Then we develop a repair program and combine it with a strategy to monitor and maintain the array moving forward. Our technicians are trained in every aspect of solar arrays and know where to look and what to look for in order to find problems and fix them as soon as possible.

Residential Packages

Our Service and Monitoring Packages will Give you the Peace of Mind you Deserve.

Through performance monitoring and regular maintenance, Power Overhaul can ensure that your system is performing to its potential every second of every day. There’s no need to check your inverter status on your own, our staff will work with you to have a performance monitoring system installed, and our professionals will monitor remotely at all times. Combine that with a yearly inspection and maintenance package and your system will give you the return that you were promised when you purchased it.

Peace of Mind

$249 / year

  • Automatic Yearly Renewal
  • Yearly 14-Point Inspection
  • Yearly System Cleaning
  • Analyze Output
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Monitoring Hardware Included
  • Instant Alerting
  • Monthly Reports by Email

One Time Service

$349 / year

  • Yearly 14-Point Inspection
  • Inspect Inverters
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Inspect Modules
  • Yearly System Cleaning
  • Clean Inverters
  • Clean Modules
  • Analyze Output

Commercial Packages

Monitoring & Alert Notification

Protecting your solar investment starts with active monitoring.

We monitor your system’s performance 24/7 and respond quickly to all system alerts. We will also present the best course of action to resolve the problem. In addition we will promptly notify you of any performance degradations below 90% of the weather adjusted performance model predictions. This offering allows you to stay informed about your system without all the monitoring hassle.

Note: An active web-based monitoring subscription is required by the owner and owner must authorize us access to the online monitoring data. If a monitoring system is not currently installed, financing options are available for having a monitoring system installed following contract execution.

Semi-Annual Performance and Service Report

Reporting that you and your investors can rely on.

Our engineers will assemble a semi-annual system performance report, including energy production values, and a compilation of all system alerts and service work performed during the previous period. This service also includes performing all onsite equipment service to maintain your equipment warranties.

Corrective Maintenance

When failures occur, we make sure the power is back on quickly.

Not all failures can be avoided or predicted. When they do occur, our monitoring alerts will ensure we know about it. Once alerted, we will dispatch the proper service personnel to rectify the failure and get the power back on.

Predictive Maintenance

We can predict possible points of future failure and plan preventative measures.

Our experts will run trend analytics reports to forecast potential points of system failures. We’ll then plan the appropriate preventative measures to keep your assets online and performing at all times.

Annual Visual & Mechanical Inspection with Report

We’ll send technicians out annually and report back to you with their inspection findings.

With our service, Power Overhaul will conduct an annual inspection of your system and complete a comprehensive system checklist by following our 80-point visual and mechanical inspection. Whenever possible, we will correct any minor system issues while onsite – while significant issues will be documented and solutions will be proposed for your consideration. Contact us today to get a full summary of our inspection points.

Annual Comprehensive Performance Analysis Reporting

We take pride in offering you the most cutting-edge assessment services to provide the most comprehensive reporting possible.

In order to detect and diagnose problems with an array’s performance, including localized soiling, shading, cell damage or failed bypass diodes, our technicians will perform IV-curve tracing on each string of modules. We’ll also utilize infrared imaging cameras to inspect and capture heat signatures of the solar array and combiner boxes as well as the interior of the inverter(s). This will help to detect problems such as manufacturer’s defects, cracked PV cells, failed bypass diodes, loose wire connections and overheating power processing components.

Asset Support & Coordination

To help you better manage your solar investment, we’ll provide you with asset support and coordination to keep your system production up and your maintenance costs down.

This services includes:
• Keeping you and your team apprised of changes in government policy that may affect the value of PV property
• Providing support services for insurance claims due to Force Majeure events
• Facilitating any system firmware/software upgrades to inverters and monitoring systems, as required
• Coordinating and advising courses of action regarding the possible future recalls of equipment

Warranty Service Coordination

Your system has valuable warranties to track and document.

Power Overhaul will handle this tedious responsibility for you and document all necessary contacts. We are happy to assist you in the resolution of all warranty claims on your system’s components in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard warranty, and the warranty service implementation.

Module and Inverter Cleaning

Studies have shown that soiling can decrease system performance up to 30%.

We utilizes a specialized solar module cleaning solution to remove soil and apply a transparent film to maximize the effectiveness of rain to clean the modules. This solution provides a 6-10 month barrier and must be applied yearly.

Packages built per project spec and contracted accordingly. Contact Power Overhaul for a Quote.


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Now that you have a solar array, make sure it is protected with a Power Overhaul service program. Not only will we monitor the array in real-time, but we will make sure the array is clean and free of defects to ensure you are getting the most value for your dollar.

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